Water Supply

What can I do to help save water in the valley and contribute to the long-term sustainability of my community?

Participation in water use efficiency and other general water conservation programs has never been easier. There are currently several programs, incentives, and educational opportunities that are designed to encourage, promote, and assist residents and businesses with their water use efficiency goals. This holistic approach to conservation offers consumers the ability to pick and choose programs that are best suited to meet their individual needs.

Programs sponsored by the Family are designed to maintain and improve the overall quality of life that we have come to know and expect here in the Santa Clarita valley, while simultaneously reducing our overall water use. Valley-wide programs are either listed on this website or can be found at clwa.org. Information on programs provided by your water supplier can be found on their respective websites (links provided below).

When considering participation in a water conservation, or water use efficiency program, it is important to remember that small changes can have a big impact on the outlook of our shared water resources. Although the Family continues to provide our community with several opportunities to improve water use efficiency, real long-term water savings begins with each of us individually. Together, we can continue to save our water in our valley contributing to the successful long-term sustainability and viability of our community.


What is the current status of water supply for the Santa Clarita Valley? What are we doing to prepare for future water shortages?

Drought cycles in California are an occurrence that all of us have become accustomed to. However, predicting when and where drought conditions will occur remains uncertain, making the smart management and planning of our valuable water resources all the more necessary. Member entities of the Santa Clarita Valley Family of Water Suppliers continuously work to ensure that we have a consistent and reliable supply of water. We have developed a diverse water supply portfolio with two principal sources of imported water, two sources of groundwater, recycled water and banked water for dry-years.

We have a variety of banking programs in place and have stored a combined 150,000 acre feet of water. This water will be accessible in future dry or drought years.

This diverse supply portfolio is reflected in our recently completed Urban Water Management Plan, which projects water demand and supply through 2050. Existing supplies along with the development of recycled water and implementation of water use efficiency practices for residents and businesses in the Valley ensure a reliable water supply into the future. You can review the Urban Water Management Plan at www.clwa.org

Additionally, the Family actively engages in community-wide water conservation and water use efficiency programs. Together, these programs offer the valley the most cost effective solution in terms of water supply and sustainability. In essence, the most affordable water source available to us is the water we already own.