Water Quality

What are we doing about perchlorate in the Valley? Is perchlorate still an issue of concern in the valley?
Not only are we CLWA and the water retailers expertly qualified to address the contamination of the groundwater with perchlorate, our efforts collaborative agencies have resulted in the recently completed construction of a new treatment facility to clean up perchlorate contamination and prevent future spreading of the chemical.  These facilities, along with continuous monitoring and testing of the groundwater ensure that drinking water meets all state and federal standards. These facilities, along with continuous testing of the groundwater and monitoring by CLWA and the retailers ensure that drinking water meets or exceeds all state and federal standards.  Additionally, security measures to protect the Santa Clarita Valley’s water supply are in place at all facilities.


My water is hard. Does that mean it is unhealthy?

Water naturally contains dissolved minerals and higher mineral levels in water cause hard water.  One sign of hard water—spots on the dishes—is purely aesthetic.  Valley water meets all drinking water standards.

Is our hard water a result of contaminants in our drinking water?

The hard water experienced by many residents is due to minerals in our groundwater supply and are not a result of drinking water contaminants.  Hardness is caused by calcium and magnesium, which occur naturally in all waters.  Under certain conditions the calcium and magnesium will deposit on hard surfaces.  While these do not pose any threat to the quality of your drinking water from a health perspective, hard water can create aesthetic problems such as spots on glass and porcelain.

How do we ensure drinking water quality? Should residents be concerned about water quality?

We are committed to maintaining high quality water for our customers.  

We have ongoing programs of water supply testing and protection.  Security measures to protect the Santa Clarita Valley's water supply are in place at all facilities. 

Each year we send out a water quality report to every household in the valley, which shows residents how water meets standards by providing the results of our frequent testing and protection standards.